Classic Technology

Here you can buy the complete range of intermittent windscreen wiper controllers to bring your classic car into the new millennium.  Please click on the marque of your vehicle to determine which Smartscreen is appropriate to update your wipers.  Certain vehicles with original or aftermarket electric washers can benefit from Smartscreen with Wash/Wipe to give added convenience.

Smartscreen is a variable intermittent windscreen wiper controller that can set a variable wipe delay of between three and thirty seconds; without the need for additional switches or knobs. By using the vehicle's existing wiper control switch or stalk the unit may be programmed with the desired delay, the normal speed and second speed wiper functions are not affected.

Smartscreen Wash/Wipe is also available with wash/wipe control in addition to the variable intermittent function; for vehicles with existing electric washer. This provides automatic wiping on using the screen wash.

Smartscreen fits all vehicles with self-parking wipers, positive or negative earth.

Smartscreen is simple to fit and comes with step by step instructions. Normally DIY fitting takes half an hour.

Smartscreen is hidden from view so you do not change the appearance of your interior.